These PC & PP safety guardrails are our newly developed  innovations, and they can be used in roads around the globe.  This plastic guardrail is different from the traditional Jersey barrier or steel guardrail with the advantages such as stronger product structure safety; higher malleability; light weight and anticorrosion.

Furthermore, these products are anti-UV treated which can withstand continuous sun exposure and heat, and the material can be recycled so will not damage the soil or our ecosystem; better suit currently enforced environmental protection idea and economic benefits.

With pleasant appearance and vivid color scheme, which can be custom-ordered to better fit local scenery and please the views of the drivers.  These safety guardrails are equipped with special reflecting lights (yellow-ongoing, red-reversion), which act as the functions of caution and guiding and increase the road safety.


Item The Traveling Distance

Max. Force (kg) /

Max. Displacement (mm)

Force V.S.

Displacement Curve

Picture of

During the Test

Picture of Post-Test
Polycarbonate 550 mm 5661.7 / 540.2 FIG.1 FIG.4 FIG.7
Polypropylene 600mm 4979.4 / 677.0 FIG.2 FIG.5 FIG.8
Steel 300 mm 4802.3 / 319.4 FIG.3 FIG.6 FIG.9